[GGH] → でどんな点が変更されたのか?


技術ノート KGTN 2011040105

[GGH] → でどんな点が変更されたのか?


Bug 10849 On x86 hosts, using GetComputerName to obtain the name of the client computer does not work.
Bug 10939 The Firefox Plug-in is not supported on Firefox 4.
Bug 11328 The Application Publishing Service is stopping on dependent application servers.
Bug 11339 The print spooler is crashing.
Bug 11364 If two users print at the same time, the smaller job prints but the larger job fails to print.
Bug 11393 Print jobs do not complete.
Bug 9453 Desktop color change affects color in a custom application.
Bug 11180 Client printers are not configuring on some hosts.
Bug 11413 After the print spooler is restarted, existing sessions cannot print.
Bug 11333 Document in the Administrator Guide that the default log output level was changed to 4.
Bug 10515 UEFI BIOS is not supported. (GO-Global now supports UEFI BIOS.)


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