Mac OS X Client (3.2.1系) がサポートするコマンドラインの引数は?


技術ノート KGTN 2010120201

Mac OS X Client (3.2.1系) がサポートするコマンドラインの引数は?


Argument Description -h The IP address of the GO-Global Server. -u The client’s network user name. -p The client?s network password. Please note that if you specify a password on the command-line, the password may be visible to other users running process reporting tools such as ps. To protect the user?s password, use -p - to request the password at startup. -a The display name of the application. The application?s display name must be identical to the application name registered with the Cluster Manager. -c or -nc -c enables compression. -nc disables compression. (Compression is enabled by default.) -f The Mac OS X Client runs in a loose windows mode by default. To enable the restricted frame option, i.e., to have all of the session's windows embedded within a frame on the client computer, append -f to the command line. -r Passes on startup parameters for the application being launched. -ac Determines how printers are initialized at startup. When ?ac is followed by all, all client printers are automatically configured.?When ?ac is followed by none,?client printers are not automatically configured. When ?ac is followed by default, only the default printer is configured automatically. This is the default setting. -hp Modifies the host port setting for the Application Publishing Service.


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